Helene Tammik. Luxurious Translations.

Winner's award for Translate in Chantilly translation competition 2015

Are you looking for flawless French to English translation?

You’re a professional in the luxury, lifestyle, culture, art or design sectors and you’ve just put the finishing touches to your new marketing campaign.

Every last detail is in place.

But can you be sure your website, brochure or literature in English will match the exquisite quality of what you are offering the world? Will it shimmer and entice? Will it sing and draw the reader in?

Anything less than that, and you’ll undermine everything you’ve done.

You need a linguist who’s a perfectionist

Someone who’s creative and focused. Who pays attention to every last detail. Who knows how to convey just the right message – leaving you assured that your English text will live up to the quality of your product and speak to those who love elegance, culture and travel worldwide.

Someone like me

I’m a freelance translator and copywriter specialising in marketing and editorial texts for clients at the very top of their game. I’m a versatile native speaker of English who perfectly understands all the nuances of your French texts and responds rapidly and efficiently to your queries, working to the tight deadlines of the contemporary marketplace.

Above all I’m an artist with words, creating texts of seamless fluidity and elegance.

Helene Tammik. Luxurious Translations.

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My services

Ask me what I do for a living, and I’m only half joking when I reply: “I sell dreams.”

As a translator and transcreator, I render the marketing texts of prestigious French and Swiss brands into an English that kindles desire and interest in their luxury, cultural, lifestyle, and travel products.

As a copywriter, I inject a storytelling exuberance into content marketing, corporate communications, ad campaigns, slogans, and the like. ‘What’s the angle?’ is always my first question, so I can deliver work that’s fresh, impactful, and ready for publication.

The state-of-the-art Musée des Confluences in Lyon – ‘telling the story of humankind’ – entrusts its major exhibition translations to me, and I’ve been selected as official translator for the French regional tourism and economic development agency, Vaucluse Provence Attractivité.

For a number of translation and communications agencies, I’m their go-to linguist when they need a winning test piece for new business pitches. I offer proofreading and revision, as well as tutoring for translators who want to up their game and move into the premium market.

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About me

I’ve been steeped in the world of words and communication for over 25 years. After a childhood in Sweden with a French education, I enjoyed a first career in advertising and marketing in London. Next, my life took me to Provence for more than a decade, where I immersed myself in French culture, taught Business English to executives, and became a translator.

With this rich professional background, I can bring the best of British marketing and creative writing expertise to your communications, as well as just the right tone to appeal to English-language readers across the world. My services are increasingly focused on transcreation and copywriting.

As a qualified member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (MITI) and a member of the French Society of Translators (SFT), I maintain the highest standards of service, ethics and confidentiality. Continued Professional Development is a vital part of my job and I regularly take part in conferences and training to keep abreast of industry developments and hone my skills.

Language is my first love, and I think that shines through in my work.


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